Let’s build a decentralized whistleblower platform

F42 Token and Whistle42 Token Reward Program

Cyberfinance knows (almost) no national borders. This also applies to cybercrime and scams. Law enforcement agencies, regulators, and courts can only work within their own jurisdictions. Coordination across national borders is difficult and often impossible. This is true even within the European Union. There is a need for private initiatives like FinTelegram, which collect information from whistleblowers across national borders, evaluate it and forward it to the relevant authorities if necessary.

Whistleblowers are certainly the most important weapon in the fight against cybercrime. U.S. regulators such as the U.S. Securities Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Commodities and Futures Commission (CFTC) know this and maintain whistleblower programs that pay generous rewards for pertinent tips.

The Whistleblower Mission

FinTelegram acts in the public interest with the mission to fight cybercrime and financial fraud in a joint effort with our whistleblower community, which provides the necessary information for this mission and is the single most critical success factor. Therefore, it is only fair to give whistleblowers a stake in FinTelegram’s success and give them a say. To do this, we need to take the company public.

FinTelegram works as a privately organized whistleblower platform. Starting with July 2021, we want to reward and motivate our whistleblower community through the issuance of F42 tokens via the F42 Fund.

Financial Intelligence Technology

In its very essence, FinTelegram is an information technology company focused on financial intelligence services. It collects and analyzes data provided by whistleblowers and other sources and deploys technologies to transfer data into financial intelligence. In the future, FinTelegram plans to work with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its intelligence services and improve investor protection in the cyberfinance era.

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The F42 Initial Token Placement

FinTelegram has the mission to protect investors in the cyberfinance era. Thus it acts in the public interest by fighting cybercrime and financial fraud in a joint effort with our ever-growing whistleblower community. The F42 Fund and its token are the means to reward our whistleblowers.

FinTelegram’s journey to becoming public and decentralized!

FinTelegram News has been operating as a financial intelligence services provider and whistleblower platform since 2018. A significant part of the information about financial service providers, cybercrime, and scams for the FinTelegram News articles, reports, and research publications is provided by our strong whistleblower community.Now it’s time to go public and let whistleblowers and supporters participate. We go public with our F42 token.

The FinTelegram F42 Token Placement Explained

The F42 token will be issued via our F42 Fund. Starting in July 2021, F42 tokenswill be distributed to FinTelegram supporters, sponsors, and whistleblowers and make them stakeholders. The F42 token placement is not soliciting any funds from investors or consumers. The tokens are issued in exchange for information or support on an ongoing basis. However, institutional investors are offered to opportunity to buy the F42 token in exchange for FIAT or crypto.


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